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“You listened.  You believed.  You supported me.  You reassured me it was not my fault and that you genuinely cared.”

Get Inspired. Get Involved. Volunteer!

To get involved and start Volunteering:

  • Send resume, Cover Letter and two Letters of Recommendation emailed to PAAR’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@paar.net .
  • Complete Sexual Assault Counselor (SAC) Training for all Volunteer Opportunities.


24/7 PAAR volunteers make a difference in the lives of survivors of sexual violence. PAAR volunteers

  • listen and provide crisis support to victims on the Helpline
  • support and inform victims at emergency departments and police stations
  • provide education and coping strategies to survivors
  • participate as a member of an invaluable team

Join PAAR’s amazing volunteers supporting the children, men and women who have been victimized and are seeking healing from sexual violence.



Orientation: 09/08 (Wed); 6-8 pm

SAC Zoom Sessions:

  1. Day 1: 09/17 (Fri);  9:00-12:30;
  2. Day 2: 09/18 (Sat);9:00-12:30;
  3. Day 3: 09/24 (Fri); 9:00-12:30;
  4. Day 4: 09/25 (Sat);9:00-12:30

JAN-FEB 2022:

Orientation: 01/19 (Wed); 6-8 pm

SAC Zoom Sessions:

  1. Day 1: 01/28 (Fri); 9:00-12:30;
  2. Day 2: 01/29 (Sat);9:00-12:30;
  3. Day 3: 02/04 (Fri); 9:00-12:30;
  4. Day 4: 02/05 (Sat);9:00-12:30

“I serve on the crisis helpline. It’s confidential, 24/7. The Helpline is available to anyone who has been impacted by sexual violence. Whether the caller is reaching out for support in the moment, wanting to help a friend or family member or just needs information, the Helpline is here for them.”