Safety Tips for you

  • Use open and honest communication
  • Limit alcohol and know your limits
  • Get consent for any and all sexual activity
  • Be informed – most of the time people are hurt by someone they know and trust
  • Respect “no”
  • Stick together – make sure everyone gets home safely
  • Challenge victim-blaming:
    “It’s never the victim’s fault.”
    “No one asks to be raped.”
    “It doesn’t matter what you wear, where you went or what you did.”

Safety Tips for Communities

  • Recognize sexually aggressive and violent behavior and intervene
  • Talk about safety – invite PAAR to speak at you school, church or community organization.
  • Speak out against gender stereotypes and promote equality
  • Volunteer at PAAR
  • Challenge sexist jokes, rumors, comments and emails
  • Call or write politicians to support programs working to stop sexual violence
  • Promote a safe and respectful community
  • Ask your library to host an internet safety class.
  • Believe and support survivors of sexual violence
  • Support PAAR’s work and donate to the cause or have a fundraiser.

If someone you love has been hurt…

“I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s not your fault.”

“I believe you.
I’m really glad
you told me.”

“What can I do
to help?”

“Let’s call PAAR together –

Effects of Sexual Abuse

  • Feeling nothing
  • Feeling overwhelmed or out-of-control
  • Depression
  • Exploding with anger suddenly
  • Feeling anxious or restless
  • Having panic attacks
  • Having fears and phobias
  • Acting compulsively to deal with feelings

  • “Body memories”—feelings in your body like you did during the abuse
  • Drug and alcohol abuse, addiction
  • Self-destructive behavior and self-injury
  • Suicidal thoughts, feelings, actions
  • Problems with food or eating, such as under-eating or overeating
  • Physical intimacy issues
  • Ignoring health concerns

  • Difficulties with trust
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Confusing affection, love, sex

  • Confusion about personal wants, needs, feelings
  • Difficulty trusting one’s self
  • Low self-esteem

  • Spacing out / zoning out
  • Losing time
  • Feeling numb
  • Feeling of disconnection from your body or parts of your body