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Virtual Trainings

PAAR is offering remote and virtual trainings on a variety of topics – some geared towards those in a professional capacity and also some specifically procured for anyone to attend. Current offerings and details for each are listed below, along with applicable links to register:

Current Scheduled Virtual Trainings:

– Understanding Trauma and Sexual Violence • Thursday, July 30th (10am-12pm)

–  Developing a Response to Disclosure • Tuesday, August 4th (10am-12pm)

–  Trauma-Informed Care • Tuesday, August 11th (10am-11:30am)

–  Wellness in the Covid-19 Crisis • Wednesday, August 19th (10am-11:30am)



    Details for each training, as well as a link to register are below: 

    Understanding Trauma and Sexual Violence

    This training will explore the dynamics of sexual violence and abuse, including the impact trauma has on our body and brain.


    • Define and explore the dynamics of sexual violence and child sexual abuse
    • Gain an understanding of Trauma Theory and how the body/brain are impacted
    • Understand triggers, flashbacks and other common symptoms
    • Learn about PAAR services

    Developing a Response to Disclosure

    This training will help participants create a trauma-informed response to potential disclosure, including understanding the process of disclosure.


    • Identify barriers that prevent survivors from disclosing sexual violence
    • Build skills to support a survivor through a disclosure and facilitate a connection to services
    • Understand the dynamics of being a mandated reporter during a disclosure
    • Open Q+A Time with PAAR staff

    Wellness in the COVID-19 Crisis

    The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis and induces symptoms of trauma for everyone in the community. This workshop will take the trauma-informed skills and techniques we implement with clients, applying them to the global crisis and helping participants think about their own wellness.


    • Mindfulness 101
    • Grounding and breathing techniques
    • Guided visualization to promote sleep
    • Demonstration of art-based mindfulness activities

    Trauma-Informed Care

    This training will review why the pillars of Trauma-Informed Care are beneficial in promoting healing, going more in-depth with concrete strategies for implementing the pillars as a service provider. What TIC actually means and implementing it with the people you work with.


    • Understanding the principles of trauma-informed care
    • Strategies for implementing the principles as a service provider
    • Understanding Compassion Fatigue and making a plan for wellness and self-care