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Virtual Trainings

PAAR is offering remote and virtual trainings on a variety of topics – some geared towards those in a professional capacity and also some specifically procured for anyone to attend. Current offerings and details for each are listed below, along with applicable links to register:

Current Scheduled Virtual Trainings:

– Understanding Human Trafficking • Thursday, January 14th 2021 (12pm-1pm)

–  Child Sex Trafficking Training • Thursday, January 21st (12pm-1pm)



    Details for each training, as well as a link to register are below: 

    Understanding Human Trafficking

    Thursday, January 14th 2021

    Staff from PAAR’s Project Traffic Stop program will be leading this presentation to provide education and awareness around human trafficking and how it has impacted our region.

    Attendees will get a clearer picture of:


    • What does human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking, look like?
    • Who are the vulnerable populations targeted by traffickers?
    • What are the grooming techniques used by traffickers?
    • Gain resources available to victims and survivors, and guidance on what to do if you encounter a possible trafficking situation.

    Child Sex Trafficking Training

    Thursday, January 21st 2021

    This training will provide a broad overview of sexual exploitation and trafficking, as it relates specifically to victims who are children, adolescents and young adults.

    Objectives include:


    • Understanding local prevalence of sex trafficking.
    • Examine the recruitment process.
    • Build skills to identify potential victims.
    • Develop skills to respond to disclosure.
    • Understand how to support victims/survivors including local resources and services.