#TurnPGHTeal 2019 - PAAR
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The work of Pittsburgh Action Against Rape has never been more important. More than ever before, we are dedicated to changing our culture so that all survivors are believed, supported and able to seek the justice they so deserve whenever they are ready no matter how long ago they were victimized.

It’s been both an exciting and a trying year for many survivors, advocates, and others active in the movement to end sexual violence. Sexual violence is in the forefront of our everyday news and social media and while that can be daunting to many it has opened doors and conversations in our communities. More people are reaching out for support, people are talking about sexual violence prevention and people are taking action and investing in change.

With your commitment and help we can create more pathways for the most vulnerable folks to come forward. Help us take on preventing sexual violence as a community responsibility.

Together, we can create communities that believe victims and provide help, hope, and healing to all survivors.

Let’s #TurnPghTeal together!

#TurnPghTeal Activations:

  • Display a #TurnPghTeal sign in your place of business
  •  #TurnPghTeal Day at work – denim day, teal day, dress down day, teal ribbon day
  • Participate in #TurnPghTeal tree decal at your place of business. Employees purchase tree decals with their name and support and trees are placed onsite in a location for everyone to see
  • Shoot a short video of you and your employees saying why they want to #TurnPghTeal
  • Host a lunch and learn for employees to meet PAAR staff and learn how they can get more involved
  • Bring a PAAR staff member to talk to your staff on a topic of your choice including:
    • Consent
    • Parents in the know
    • Project last call
    • Counseling and advocacy services
    • Neurobiology of trauma
    • Bystander Training
    • Sexual violence in the work place
  • Promote #TurnPghTeal on your social media platforms
  • The sky’s the limit!

Reach out to ashleyb@paar.net if you’d like to be involved! 

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