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More Information About Effective Prevention

PAAR’s prevention utilizes the socio-ecological model, pillars of prevention, tenets of effective prevention, community readiness assessment model combined with a public health approach.

Socio-Ecological Model

Pillars of Prevention

The pillars of prevention focus work on:

  1. Strengthening the prevention capacity of youth-serving organizations
  2. Supporting the healthy development of children
  3. Promoting healthy relationships and sexuality education for children and youth
  4. Ending the demand for children as sexual commodities
  5. Establishing sustainable funding for prevention
  6. Preventing initial perpetration of child sexual abuse and exploitation

Tenets of effective prevention

  • Comprehensive in approach and audience
  • Varied teaching methods
  • Sufficient doses
  • Theory driven
  • Timing
  • Socio-culturally relevant
  • Outcome evaluation
  • Well-trained staff