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“This formula works very well. It has changed the culture here in a significant way, not only with what’s happening, but also being willing to talk about with everyone else. Now we have on-going conversations about preventing sexual harassment and violence.”

– Don Mahaney, Bar Owner – Scratch

“Project Last Call will not only provide a critical resource to individuals affected by sexual assault and violence in their workplace, but will also serve as a definitive call to action and accountability for those in positions of influence. The strong collaboration between Pittsburgh Action Against Rape and the Pittsburgh Service Industry will institute and reinforce a new environment of respect and safety that should be a basic principle of employment regardless of the nature and status of your position.”

– Cory Hart, Wine Sales Consultant – Western PA


Project Last Call

Project Last Call

PAAR and the United States Bartenders Guild, Pittsburgh Chapter are creating a culture of change to end sexual violence in the service industry. Project Last Call addresses the prevention of sexual harassment and violence among guests, staff, managers and owners to create a safe and respectful workplace. Local bars and restaurants, bartenders, servers, managers and owners reviewed, piloted and vetted Project Last Call as a crucial tool in creating a culture of change to end sexual violence.

Project Last Call trainers train key staff to lead discussions and build skills. Key staff train additional staff leading discussions on bystander intervention, safety and respect and creating a workplace free from sexual harassment and violence.

Project Last Call consists of three modules delivered by key staff.

Session 1: Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

  • Recognize and stop sexually harassing words, behaviors and attitudes
  • Build a shared understanding of sexual harassment and violence
  • Support a culture of change to end sexual violence

Session 2: Intervening in Unsafe Situations

  • Intervene and stop sexual harassment and violence in the workplace
  • Strategize ways to take action and promote safety
  • Support getting involved

Session 3: Creating Safety within the Workplace

  • Prevent through promotion of safe and respectful norms
  • Intervene in sexual harassment and violence
  • Cultivate a unified response to sexual harassment and violence

Project Last Call:

  • Builds skills in staff to intervene in and stop sexual violence
  • Supports business owners and managers adopt best practices and model policies for safe, respectful harassment-free workplaces

Next Steps:

  1. Email or call PAAR at 412-431-5665 and ask for a Prevention Services Team member
  2. Project Last Call trainers visit your establishment and work with you to identify key staff to implement the project
  3. Project Last Call trainers work with key staff to plan the rollout
  4. Project Last Call trainers provide information, resources and support as you implement Project Last Call