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Coaching Boys Into Men

PAAR leads efforts in Allegheny County in recruiting, training and mentoring high school coaches in implementing Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) an evidence-based prevention program.  Presently CBIM ( guides high school coaches to talk to their male athletes about stopping violence against women and girls. The long-term goal is to reduce disrespectful and harmful behaviors toward women and girls. The program has scripted tools for coaches to use with their athletes, including speeches and reminders about expectations for respectful behaviors.  PAAR has trained over 100 coaches who have worked with over 500 athletes building bystander intervention skills.

Evidence garnered from the high school Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) was the impetus to create a college version of CBIM.  It was developed by Futures Without Violence (FUTURES) FUTURES and PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape) and is ready to pilot in collegiate sports.

Robert Morris University (RMU) and Point Park University (PPU) are recognized leaders in college level athletics and are eager to participation in the adaptation of CBIM. RMU and PPU partnered with PAAR to host CBIM symposiums for the athletic communities throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and hosted focus groups in conjunction with Raliance to better understand how sports culture can support prevention efforts.

The Northeast Conference (NEC) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) supports this project and the pilot of CBIM- college version. Sports teams will be recruited from the ten university athletic programs within the NEC of NCAA, and nationally. Programs will also be recruited through Southwestern Pennsylvania.

PAAR continues to partner with FUTURES on additional updates and contributions to the field of prevention within athletic departments and teams.  PAAR and FUTURES have created an updated version of CBIM for high schools and PAAR continues to serve of the National Advisory Board and a workgroup exploring sports as change agents in prevention of sexual violence. Most recently PAAR shared their version of CBIM for female high school and college athletes with the advisory board and reviewed other programs for the same targeted audience.