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Wellness Series

*NOTICE* PAAR’s in-person Wellness Series is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We will be developing virtual resources and offerings for our Wellness Series and invite you to check back soon for more details. 

PAAR is offering Trauma-Informed Wellness Workshops for survivors of sexual violence at no cost.

The wellness workshops include:


  • Empowerment-Based Movement – Date TBD
  • Cross-Stitch (Stitch Your Strength) – Date TBD
  • Empowerment-Based Self Defense – Date TBD
  • Knitting – Date TBD
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga – Date TBD
  • Art Expression – Date TBD
  • Dancing Your Emotions – Date TBD

These Wellness Series Workshops welcome people of any gender identification who are survivors of sexual violence over the age of 18. These workshops are meant to be a place to explore different self-care practices while connecting to others in a safe environment.

Please feel free to bring a friend for support. They are more than welcome to participate in the workshop or there is a waiting space available.
There will always be a PAAR Therapist present to provide extra support during these workshops.

See below for details, dates and times for each group:

 *PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED for wellness series participation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Individuals will not be admitted into the building for wellness series without prior registration. 


Stitch Your Strength

Stitch Together. Learn Together. Grow Together.


Empowerment-Based Self Defense

Believe in Our Strengths, Defend What We Value.



Relax. Refocus. Repair.


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Tuesday, January 21st 2020



Stitch Your Strength is a cross-stitch workshop for survivors of sexual trauma.

  • Explore your creative side to build confidence and to gain a new skill.
  • Create a unique piece, incorporating your own style (a stitching kit will be provided).

The workshop is taught by Nicole Barczak, a registered nurse, entrepreneur, and stitch artist.

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Thursday, February 6th 2020



SETpoint offers survivor-focused and trauma-informed Empowerment-Based Self Defense coaching, with a core foundation to Believe in Our Strengths and Defend What We Value. This session will focus on Situational Awareness, Boundary Setting and De-Escalation, and Physical Self-Defense choices and skills. The session will be a combination of discussion, simulation and hands-on practice. Attendees can join in the hands-on activities to the level comfortable. A Munio key ring self-defenese tool will be provided for all participants as well as a summary sheet of all topics discussed.  


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Tuesday, March 10th 2020



 Knitting is more than just a hobby. It has been used in a variety of healing ways including stress relief, grounding and mindfulness.

Join us to learn the basics of knitting, gain a new skill to help cope with daily stressors and leave with a beautiful new scarf!

No knitting experience required. All materials will be provided

Trauma – Informed Yoga

Breath. Balance. Be.


Art Expression

Create. Explore. De-Stress.


Dancing Your Emotions

Mindfulness. Music. Movement.


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Date/Time TBD


These yoga classes are unique and empowering because they are designed to help survivors of trauma through the healing process.

This workshop:

  • Provides a safe place and reparative experience through breathing, moving, strengthening, stretching and resting.
  • Allows for the connection between mind and body.


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Date/Time TBD


A’round’ the Center: A Workshop Exploring Mandalas for Centering, Grounding and Self- Exploration

This art workshop will focus on introducing the technique of creating mandalas (color, shapes, and lines drawn within a circle) as a tool for calming, centering, grounding as well as self-exploration & expression. Participants will be instructed on creating a mandala using color, simple shapes and lines in a unique way. Participants will also receive tools to encourage ongoing use and exploration with this powerful method of finding wholeness.

No formal art training or ability is necessary to participate.


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Date/Time TBD


This movement workshop will teach you the principals of mindfulness and incorporate music and movement with a non-judgmental attitude.

This group focuses on being aware of your breath, sound, body, mind, spirit and story through the use of music and dance (no dance experience required/for all physical abilities).

This workshop is taught by Melissa Moore, LPC, Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator.

Empowerment-Based Movement

Together, learn how to, discover why to.


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Monday, January 27th



These movement groups are focused on learning how to work out without a gym or equipment, using only your amazing self and your natural strength.

This workshop provides:

-A safe, slow paced, and judgmental free space to learn work out moves, routines, and stretching for all levels.

-Includes discussion about the connection between the mind and body, combining enjoyable physical activity and mindfulness.

-Education on pre- and post-work out hydration and food, including an post-work out snack!

 No previous experience is necessary to participate. Groups are ran by Susie Balcom, Crisis Intervention Advocate.