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For more information contact PAAR 412-431-5665

Treatment & Care

Ways we help:

  • Trauma counseling for children, adolescents and families
  • Crisis support
  • In-person support for children and families in emergency rooms and legal settings (Click to learn more about victim’s rights)
  • Transportation assistance
  • Emergency aid
  • Comprehensive services for Human Trafficking Victims

CFCC’s treatment approach may prevent long-term psychological effects of sexual abuse, as well as reduce post-traumatic stress issues and the risk of future victimization. PAAR works with children and families to build healthy and non-abusive relationships.
PAAR has offices throughout Allegheny County. Call 412-431-5665 for services.


Parents can promote safe and healthy relationships for children by:

  1. Developing strong attachments and healthy relationships with their children.
  2. Developing effective communication skills to improve talks and conversation with children.
  3. Developing and engaging in safe and appropriate touch with children.
  4. Modeling healthy, positive relationships.