Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops hosted by PAAR

PAAR is offering Trauma informed workshops for survivors of sexual violence.

See below for dates, topics and times of workshops.

  • Art Workshop
    • Monday, June 5th from 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • This workshop will focus on creating a calm/safe place where participants can explore their creative side by creating a Comfort box of objects that can be used as coping tools to manage PTSD symptoms, reduce stress and promote relaxation. Participants will decorate a comfort box, develop a calm/safe place,  go through a guided meditation, create a meditation stone , practice a grounding activity and make a de-stress jar.
  • Creative Writing Class:

Goals of Writing class: To provide a creative writing foundation through exercises and prompts that can provide coping and grounding skills, as well as creating a sense of empowerment and community.

The class will go over Centering/Grounding Guided mediation to open space of writing.  Participants will engage in a sensory writing exercise, writing a collaborative poem, and discuss the concept of naming and its implications (ownership) and the possible freedom and empowerment of renaming oneself or reclaiming one’s own name.

  • Self-Defense class

  • About the class:This workshop session provides basic training in situational awareness, attitude and voice as de-escalation tools, physical resistance skills, resources and self-care.  The training is empowerment based and provides confidence and fosters the belief that individuals have the ability to make choices and be in control of their lives.  Together, self-defense and empowerment training lay a powerful foundation to reduce the risk of individuals becoming victims or being re-victimized.

Class for adult women who have experienced sexual assault/abuse.  The class is free.

The class will be taught by SETpoint:  Strength & Empowerment Training.
Believe in Our Strengths, Defend What We Value.

SETpoint’s mission is to reduce sexual and physical assault particularly among people who are at a higher risk of victimization such as women and the LGBTQ population. The instructors are Lisa Nakamura and Michele Colvard, with core team support from John Kandray and Megan Block.  Together they have over 35 years of experience.

  • Cross Stitch: Stitch Your Strength

  • About the Class:

    Stitch Your Strength is a stitching class for women abuse survivors to get in touch with their creative side, gaining confidence and ability in a new skill. Each woman will create a unique piece with her own style that will fit in a 5×7 inch frame that comes with the stitching kit. The class motto is: Stitch Together. Learn Together. Grow Together.

  • About the Teacher:

    Nicole Barczak is a registered nurse, small non-profit coordinator, entrepreneur, and stitch artist. She graduated from PAAR several years ago and now would like to be an ally. Nicole strongly believes that through the meditative act of stitching, a woman can gain confidence in herself and grow into the beautiful being that has always been inside her.

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