Breaking the silence.
Building strength.

The Child and Family Counseling Center has provided specialized trauma treatment services to child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse and their families for over 35 years.

Children and adolescents who have been sexually abused may react in various ways. Some become withdrawn, while others are very emotional and may act out. It is important to be patient and always believe in your child.

Needs of children who have been abused:

  • Need to know the abuse was not their fault and they did nothing wrong
  • Belief and reassurance that they were right to tell
  • Inform them of what will happen next with age appropriate information
  • An immense amount of support and affection
  • Bring them in for a counseling assessment/Call the CFCC to schedule an appointment

You are not alone, and we offer many ways to help:

  • Crisis support
  • In-person support through the medical exam and legal process
  • Trauma counseling
  • Transportation assistance
  • Emergency aid when needed relating to the trauma of sexual abuse
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